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Treasures Unit 5, Week 1

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VOCABULARY WORDS Look up Vocabulary words by visiting the website below:

1. desert

2. minutes

3. Ms. Fogerty

4. instructed

5. supposed

6. wildflowers

7. farther

8. trail

9. interesting

10. hundreds

11. amazing

12. tornado

13. damage

14. predict

15. windows

challenge words:

16. petroglyphs

17. cellar

 1. graphics - (noun) pictures that are created, stored, or printed on a computer; The gamecube has old graphics. (Xavier)

2. paintbrush tool - (noun) a tool in a paint program used to draw graphics; Some animators might use a paintbrush tool. (Jeymy)

3. fill tool - (noun) a tool in a paint program used to fill an area with a solid color; My fill tool is broken. (Daniel)

4. color palette - (noun) a set of available colors; I have never seen a real color palette. (Andy)

5. scanner - (noun) an input tool that puts words and pictures into the computer; I used a scanner to scan papers. (Jason)



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