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Math Homework 


Pearson Math 



Video (Teachers' Domain, Equal Amounts of Gold, published August 25, 2008, retrieved on September 30, 2010,
http://www.teachersdomain.org/resource/vtl07.math.number.nums.equalamtgo/ )
Frame: If you had four candy bars of equal size, it would be easy to share between two people. How would you do that? But, what if you had seven candy bars and they were different sizes? How would you go about doing that? Are there any strategies you could use to help you make fair shares out of items that are not all the same size?
Focus: As you watch, think about the strategy the CyberSquad uses to solve the problem. How does knowing about the relationship between different fractions help them? What fractions do they encounter here? How are these different fractions related?
Video (Teachers' Domain, Using Grouping to Count Quickly, published October 7, 2008, retrieved on October 6, 2010,
http://www.teachersdomain.org/resource/vtl07.math.number.nums.countquick/ )
Frame: Sometimes people save pennies in jars or other containers. Once the jar gets filled they usually empty it to find out how much money they have saved up. How would you recommend someone go about counting and organizing a large number of pennies?
Focus: In this video segment, you will watch the CyberSquad as they count and organize a large amount of golden eggs. How does the squad use grouping to help them? Note the size of the groups they create.

Video (Teachers' Domain, Calculating Clones, published October 7, 2008, retrieved on October 6, 2010,

Frame: Let’s say there is a certain flower that always has five petals. How many petals would there be in total if there were six of these flowers? How about if there were 26 flowers? How do you know? How can you keep track without counting each petal?

Focus: In this segment, Delete's sneezes create clones of himself. Watch to see how Inez tries to keep track of how many clones there are even though she can’t see them all. How does she do it?



















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