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Benchmark Advance Unit 1, Lesson 3

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1. person

2. liberty

3. determination

4. earned

5. thirty

6. first

7. turned

8. cultures



1. chasm - (noun) a deep hole or opening in the surface of the Earth. The say there is a big chasm under the sea that was caused by an asteroid that is now the Moon. (Emily)

2. dissent - (verb) the expression or holding of opinions at variance with those previously, commonly or officially held. Some modern investigators dissent from this identification. (Edwin)

3. indigenous - (adjective) originating or occurring naturally in a particular place. Some insects are indigenous. (Kailey) 

4. myopic - (adjective) not able to really see objects far away; short sighted in every sense. My aunt has myopia. (noun)

5. integrated - (adjective) combining separate elements so as to provide a harmonious, interrelated whole. The new student was integrated well into the class.

6. restricting - (verb) put a limit on; keep under control. They were restricting children from the movie.  

7. tolerated - (verb) to allow something without trying to stop it. We tolerated the noise from the boy talking in the movie theater. 



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