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Treasure Spelling Words Unit 2, Lesson 1

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VOCABULARY WORDS Look up Vocabulary words by visiting the website below:

1. heel

2. seal

3. weak

4. week

5. bean

6. creek

7. speaks

8. team

9. free

10. green

11. clean

12. cream

13. street

14. freeze

15. field












1. predicted- (v.) to tell about or make known in advance; Can you predict what's going to happen in the future? (Xavier)

2. volunteers- (n.) a person who does a job without getting paid; My mom volunteers in this school. (Ingrid)

3. amendment- (n.) a change or addition especially one that is made to an official document; I made an amendment to the contract when buying my house. (Josue)

4. polls- (n.) a survey of people's opinions or beliefs; My parents voted in polls for the election. (Johncarlo) 








The Free Dictionary



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