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Treasures Spelling Words Unit Four, Lesson Two

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VOCABULARY WORDS Look up Vocabulary words by visiting the website below: 

1. soil

2. broil

3. moist

4. point

5. boil

6. oil

7. toy

8. joy

9. avoid

10. royal

11. crown

12. house

13. above

14. color

15. song 

1. advice- tell someone what you think he/she should do or not do

Sometimes I give my little brother advice about baseball.


2. hesitate- to stop and think about what to do

The students did not hesitate when the alarm went off.


3. secure- safe

I made sure my ladder was secure before I climbed up.


4. panic- very scared

Jim was in a panic when his dog was missing.


5. vowed- promised

Jorge vowed to do his chores before going to play. 

The Free Dictionary


Online Reference
by: WordStarts with Ends withMentions  




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